This is how I write.

Some people need visual cues, I use auditory ones. Each song is associated to an emotion I want my characters to feel.

I’ve spent time composing a playlist. If it tears me up, or brings vivid character images, it’s in.  I need to feel these things as I write them. I want the reader to want as the character does. I want them to feel the conflict in him. I want them to have that bitter sweet moment when everything is right but so very wrong.

Because life is full of those moments, isn’t it? THose moments where we are so happy, but we’re happy because someone else is sad.

For each person we love, there’s a person who loved them who couldn’t have them. For every person we kiss, there’s the person who would have killed for an accidental touch. For every special moment we have, someone somewhere has the opposite memory.

Pain and pleasure are so closely bound that we must experience both in tandem to know what each one is.

I think I’m having an emotional overload.


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