When your friend goes viral (and you’re really bloody knackered).

I hope she won’t mind me slightly stealing her style for the title of this post, but that’s what happens when you reach e-fame.

One if my nearest and dearest friends and author of the brilliant novella Survival of the Ginnest Aimee Horton had her blog post When I’m Tired hit the right note with Mums everywhere.

Aimee was awarded Tots100 Good reads and the Netmums blog of the week for her honest post about what annoys her (and most of the rest of us) about life when we’re living on limited sleep.

Why is this relevant?

Because we’re halfway through NaNoWriMo. The sleep deprivation is catching up with us and things are pissing us off.  The characters are living and breathing. They’re haunting us. Our inner editor wants to read what we’ve written so far under the guise of celebration of the halfway point. Your partner/cat/dog is getting fed up of being ignored.

Tell the characters you need your rest or you’ll kill them off in the next chapter. That should keep them quiet. Unless they’re ragey. If they have rage, they’re likely to scream at you until morning.

Your inner editor is wrong. Do not read those words. You are halfway. You have done half the work. Now is not the time to get wrapped up in the bits you wrote at three am with your eyes shut.

There are two weeks left. Make sure your partner/cat/dog is fed and watered and has the option to sit next to you while you frantically up the word count and get those fingers tapping at those keys. Just two more weeks.

We are at the pinnacle. There’s only another 15 days of madness to go and only another 25k words.

Keel pumping the caffeine in, keep being annoyed, keep scribbling in the wee hours because we’re nearly there.


3 responses to “When your friend goes viral (and you’re really bloody knackered).

  1. This year I decided to stay away from NaNoWriMo as I edit my previous year’s completed novel. However, I have decided that this year I would reach out to those other authors and struggling writers going mad with delirium and say, I know how you feel, I am reading it in your words. You’re doing great, keep pushing forward! Only 25k to go! Good luck!

    • Thank you! We do need encouragement because, as I’m sure you remember, when the bad time hits, it hits hard and it only takes a couple of bad days to completely flatten any enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo or the novel. Good luck with your edits.

      • It really does! Even when blogging it can take the wind out of your sails! But know that some random guy in Australia is watching and cheering you on from afar! It is such an incredible feeling when you get there! Thanks for the well wishes, editing is hard, but finishing is harder!

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