What’s on your plate?

Too much.

Isn’t that everyone’s answer?

Last year was the year I decided to start taking writing seriously. I wrote most of four novels (first drafts), entered two competitions (didn’t get anywhere), edited a novella, wrote professionally for two months (before real life and NaNoWriMo took over), almost completed a second draft, got Tots100 Good reads, joined Wattpad, joined Goodreads, made author friends, read countless unpublished drafts, encouraged authors to follow their dreams, wrote a total of around 270,000 words and generally entrenched myself in a beautiful world of people who are just as smitten with the art as I am.

I would say that is a pretty productive year.

This year I am back at doing real life things during the day which sometimes stretch on into the evenings. This means there is less time for writing.

With this in mind, I’m attempting to do approximately 1k per day (doesn’t always happen) and be available for bouncing ideas off as and when I can. I’ve become much more dependent on Evernote and now use it to not only form the beginnings of the novel and edit anywhere but also for those moments when an idea just begs to be jotted down.

I aim to get something on Wattpad this year and the idea is already in development. My nano project is having the ending haphazardly added ready for a harsh edit once I’m no longer in love with it, one of my other pieces is being read by a few dear and trusted friends. The novel in second draft will hopefully edge closer to being finished. I want to write some flash fiction and short stories. Other ideas are hitting me like small persistent pebbles.

It certainly looks like 2014 is going to follow the same lines as 2013.

And I can’t wait to get stuck in.


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