The Accidental Novel

Limbo, drifting, lost, wandering. 

The next project is calling; it’s almost there. Almost.  

It’s like a name on the tip of my tongue – I can feel it, taste it, but it’s not formed, not cooked, not ready. 

So I wait.  Keep it churning, keep it moving, keep thinking about it. I’ll know when it needs to escape.

Until then I need something to keep my idle creativity active, lest it takes off into the real world and causes all manner of unpleasantness, so I have been writing… well … Things. 

I have a character. She has no name, no face, no age. She’s a manifestation of feeling. She has nothing in her life apart from the way she feels about him: her Delicious. 

Her thoughts go from examining the things he says and does through to examining her own behaviour, both towards him and in front of others. 

I write about her almost daily. 

It’s her fault I have an Accidental Novel. 


6 responses to “The Accidental Novel

  1. Oh this is such an exciting and interesting post to read! To see the start of something like this and get an insight to what those first moments of a new idea are actually like.

    So interesting that the character has come first and that she is speaking to you even though you haven’t a name yet. It’s like she’s coming out of the shadows to find you, there is almost something sacred about it.

  2. I normally get a flood of emotion before anything else. This one has a lot o emotion to give!

  3. Exciting! Can’t wait to read more 🙂 #WritingWarriors

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