A month before Camp NaNoWriMo

Less than 30 days until the madness begins again. 

Yes, we are heading far too fast into the insanity of Camp NaNoWriMo once again, with its sleepless nights, nonsensical phrases and epic word sprints.

I cannot wait.

I wrote before about pantsing and plotting and how each writer has their own way of doing things. Similarly, each writer has their own way of writing the story; some jump from scene to scene then figure out the glue later. Others, myself included, write chronologically adding notes to the first or second draft as we go along. How you write will have an effect on how you approach NaNoWriMo.

This year, you are able to set your own goals (like last year) meaning you can use the challenge to get something down, prepare yourself for the main event, or find out where your limits lie.

I’ve decided to prepare, so I’ll be sticking to the 50k. I’ve also made a decision to branch away from my normal mainstream fiction, romance and new adult genres and tackle the first book in a fantasy trilogy which has been slowly churning away for a couple of years. 

Bring it on. 


4 responses to “A month before Camp NaNoWriMo

  1. maddy@writingbubble

    Have just gone off and googled ‘campNaNoWriMo’ as I’d not heard of it. I’d heard of the traditional November one but not the April and July ones. Sounds interesting! Am going to have a think about whether I’m vaguely in a position to take on the challenge myself. Good luck with yours – sounds like you’re going into it all guns blazing!

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  3. I’m joining you for this…. I am going to make a start on the second draft of my novel and use this as a goal set. X

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