As the starting line for the next NaNo draws closer, we get restless.

We want to get started on our next big thing. We want to finish it too, although the reality is that life will get in the way and some of us will have to leave our stories unfinished.

Its scary and exciting, this NaNo thing. When you see that blank page for the first time and think “I have to fill you with 50 thousand words,” that can be a little daunting.

That’s why we have the Lull.

The week or so before a challenge, I stop all novel type activities. Mainly because my head is buzzing so much with new ideas that trying to concentrate on anything ongoing is futile, but also to give myself a chance to step back, reflect, stare at the blank page in a panic and wonder if I have what it takes.

This is the only chance we are going to get to doubt ourselves before we are thrown in and left to swim.

Thing is, you won’t drown. You will write. And even if you only write a few thousand words you wrote something.

That’s what actually counts.


2 responses to “Lull

  1. That’s how I am feeling about Nano…. I’m going to have a quieter week this week, maybe write a couple of blogs, and redo the synopsis for my current novel in preparation for nano fest when I am going to jump into the second edit – I am itching to do it already! X

  2. You really are tempting me to join in! I just know, what with the sleep deprivation and trying to sort out going back to work, this is not the right time. But soon…

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