When writing is real

We’ve all heard the words “write what you know” at some point in our writing careers. If you’re writing fantasy or sci-fi or speculative fiction or some romance or…well, it’s not always possible. Perhaps it should be changed to “write what you can imagine.”

My first NaNoWriMo tackled bullying in the 90’s. The story is centred around a girl who has never quite fit in and how the cruelty of the others at the all girls’ secondary school drives her to madness.

As part of the story, the main character creates a purple teddy which she calls Normal. He becomes her rock and is symbolic of her sanity.

My mother is a very talented knitter, so after I explained some of the story, I was given a gift:


This is Normal.

The second draft of the novel will include him more extensively.

Writing can, and often does, invade our lives in ways we thought impossible.

Here’s to my very own glimpse of Normal.


4 responses to “When writing is real

  1. What a brilliant symbol in your novel…. and now he’s real! X

  2. maddy@writingbubble

    Normal is lovely. Love the fact he was made by your mum too.

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