A new office

Every now and again, I see a post showing off someone’s beautiful office. They usually have a gorgeous desk, some inspirational quotes, a cork board covered in ideas and brainstorms and a computer which doesn’t look like they’re trying out retrocomputing.

When I see these pictures, always artistic shots with well chosen filters, I’m jealous. Green with envy.

I have a few of the required ingredients:

Desk? Check (covered in dry Cheerios).
Computer? Check (reboots at random intervals. Can’t be bothered to troubleshoot the problem as it’s eight years old.)
Cork board? No. (But I wouldn’t want to cover up the “artwork” my children have kindly drawn on the magnolia paintwork.)
Peace and quiet? Not a hope.

As you can see, not really a writing haven. Most of my writing takes place on my sofa on my smartphone because it’s actually more powerful than the aforementioned computer.

Time to try something new.

The idea of a writing shed isn’t really new as such, but it filled me with excitement. I picked out my favourite, planned the interior and came up with insulation solutions only to realise it would be completely impractical in our garden.

Disheartened, I returned to sulking on the sofa being pounced on by cats while small children stuck their fingers up my nose.

What else could possibly keep me dry, sane and offer a place to get away?

A tent, of course!

When I get going, I like to really do my research so I came up with a list of attributes I needed to have in what I’d soon come to call my Anywhere Office.

1. Needs to be tall enough to sit in
2. Needs to have a sewn in groundsheet.
3. Needs to be easy to put up and easy to put down.

The answer came to me from Gelert. What I was looking for was a festival tent.

Not designed for hardcore camping (and I would never expect my usage to reach that level) the tent I ended up purchasing is the Quickpitch 2 . I chose black because I’m secretly a bit of a goth and I didn’t realise it had “Beer Tent” pasted all over the ends until I received it. I think this adds to the charm.


I added an Anywhere Chair and Low Table from Go Outdoors and a couple of other bits:


Now I have an office with everything a writer could need with the added bonus of being able to go anywhere.


(With added kitten.)

I love my Beer Tent Office.

This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above


8 responses to “A new office

  1. Someone with your levels of creativity doesn’t need an office like the ones you describe, you would soon be bored and ready for the next adventure. How funny is that tent! Happy camping 🙂

  2. ps I wanna tent office now!

  3. Love it!!!!! You can go on a writing tour :o)

  4. What a fantastic idea! I love being able to be outside when writing unfortunately most laptops/macbooks don’t have screens that are possible to use outdoors and I think this may be just what I need. A tent to work in while still being able to hear all the outdoors noises would be wonderful!

    • It is very relaxing.

      I hadn’t considered the viability of using a laptop outside in the sun as I’m normally inside, although that is an excellent point. The tent I have has a large opening on the side so you can let in a lot of light. There are so many accessories available now too.

  5. maddy@writingbubble

    An there was I thinking the ‘beer tent’ logo was a deliberate choice! I wonder if you can get one that says ‘gin tent’? I’d be up for that! Hope you’re getting many productive hours in there!

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