Back-ups and catch-ups

Cough cough.

Hands up who has learned this lesson the hard way?

I should have known better, especially as I lost 2000 words at the beginning of 2011’s NaNoWriMo attempt.

That obviously wasn’t enough to teach me a lesson so despite my convoluted “copy everything to everywhere” solution (which I had been far too lazy busy to keep on top of) I managed to drop behind by two days when my WordPress host failed.

I was lucky. I had the webpage open and was able to recover the most recent chunks but by then I was so disheartened I was unable to continue with them.

I’m still on track though, having pushed through a few hard days. My poor characters have lost their shine and are starting to wonder why I’m writing about the mundane things in their lives. I’m desperate to be in the last 10k.

Keep pushing. Keep going. Not far now.


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